Client Testimonials

"I recently bought sweet vanilla almond lotion at the craft show.  I use it daily, as do my kids. The scent is soft enough that it is appropriate for children AND it is a lotion that I feel good about putting on them. It is simple and natural with only 5 ingredients- all of which, I can actually pronounce!  I am so happy I decided to try Curly Q lotion, and I look forward to using more of their products in the future!"
-- Amanda


"I have been on a 2-3 year deodorant journey, trying tens of brands of deodorant and ending up smelling and poor.  I am really concerned about the aluminum and fragrances in other deodorants, and can't even account for all of the different brand I've tried (Tom's, Desert Essence, Herban Cowboy, Crystal Essence crystal, Crystal Essence Roll-On, etc).  My drawer is filled with ineffective deodorants that cost about $6-10 a pop!

The first day I used your deodorant it worked!  I thought, huh - it might be a fluke.  But all week, it's worked perfectly.  I like how it isn't greasy or filmy when you apply it, and it completely manages to control odor.  Ah-ma-zing.  I am a customer for life, and am proud that I was able to find such a product LOCALLY!"
-- Sally


"Met the wonderful ladies who own this company at a Craft Fair event- they were super helpful, and helped me narrow down my purchase, and even gift wrapped it beautifully for me! I LOVE the soy wax melts!! They can even by used for a super healthy lotion! Crazy!! You just dip your fingers into the melted wax (it is warm, not hot to the touch) and then rub it into your hands, onto elbows, or even feet! Leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth!! LOVE IT!"
-- Rachel